Sejarah Desa

The History of the Founding of Klaseman Village


Klaseman Village is a village that was once an area inhabited by only a few people. Gradually the area grew into a lot of souls, both natives and immigrants. The origin of Klaseman comes from the word ASEM, which is a type of tree that has a trunk character that can grow large, strong, with many branches and twigs, small leaves that have a large number, and when it bears fruit the fruit is very large and tastes sour.

The connection with this is that there used to be a very large tamarind tree in the west of Dk. Klaseman who is better known as Sedukunan , One day because there was rain accompanied by strong winds, the tamarind tree fell. It is said that the tree is the Javanese term “sing mbau rekso Klaseman” . Because the natives believe in this, it is to immortalize it from the word Asem that it has become the name Klaseman until now.

By people who become elders or who are gilded by Klaseman, they must have a leader who can lead the population or community so that it can become a more developed and developing area, then a Leader who becomes the Village Head is chosen, with the hope that Klaseman Village becomes a village that has a tree-like character. Asem that is strong, strong, supports the village into a developed village, protects or protects its people to become an advanced, prosperous and prosperous society. The order of the Village Secretary from the First to the present is as follows:

  • Years (1950-1975) Sastro Suyitno and Hadi Suroso as Sekdes
  • Years (1975-1990) Muji Raharjo and Maju Ismulat, Bsc as sekdes
  • Years (1990-1998) Suwarno and Maju Ismulat, Bsc as ekdes
  • Years (1998-2006) Mayar Wiyono and Maju Ismulat, Bsc as sekdes
  • Year (2006-2013) Sukino and Maju Ismulat, BSc as Secretary of Village until 2010
  • Tri Nurgiyanto (Secretary of Village 2010 – 2011), Hasrini (Secretary of Village 2011-September 2011)
  • Sunanto (Sekdes 2011 September- Present)
  • Years (2013-2018) Lami Wiyono and Sunanto as Secretary of Village (until 2017), Alfian Fitri Ananto (Secretary of Village December 2017 – Present)
  • Year (2019-2024) Lami Wiyono and Alfian Fitri Ananto (December 2017 – Present Secretary)

*Source of RPJM Desa Klaseman 2013 – 2018 and other sources

(Swib – Pemdes Klaseman)


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